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21 Mar
Should You Insist on Cybersecurity During Discovery?

Cybersecurity is an ever-increasing worry for law firms all over the nation. As courts  have increasingly come to rely on technology, lawyers have had to increase their technical savvy. However, not all law firms have evolved with the changing times, and that can leave your clients’ data vulnerable when such a firm is a recipient
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19 Mar
Law Firms Are Losing Billable Hours, Can Technology Help?

How many hours do you work that you can actually bill? Do you manage to put in seven or eight billable hours a day, or maybe only three or four? There are so many tasks for the modern lawyer to manage at her firm, especially if the firm is small. If you aren’t able to
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12 Mar
Is SSL Important for My Law Firm’s Website?

Secure Sockets Layer, also known as SSL, has become an essential security tool for the modern-day Internet user, yet there are still many websites online that don’t use it. However, that may soon be changing. Google has made an announcement that could change the way most websites are secured. This could be especially important for
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5 Mar
Could Your Laptop Battery Blow While You’re in Court?

Do you use a laptop in court? In today’s technological courtroom, the answer to that question is probably yes, so you need that computer to function properly and cause minimal disturbances. If it suddenly starts overheating, smoking or melting, your case could be jeopardized. This is why it’s important for law firms to know about
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26 Feb
Do You Need Cybersecurity Insurance for Your Firm?

Cybersecurity is becoming an important factor in running a law firm these days. Many courtrooms all over the country use electronic systems to file forms and to document proceedings. For the attorney, having your own system can be necessary not only to navigate the courts, but to handle the copious amounts of data you’ve gathered
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