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Exactify.IT is an IT managed services provider and technology consulting firm that caters exclusively to law firms and other providers of legal services. We serve as an outsourced IT department for legal services organizations that are large enough to have sophisticated IT needs, but not large enough to employ their own in-house IT staff. We thereby enable smaller legal services organizations to operate like large law firms by giving them access to IT resources and personnel who are dedicated to serving legal professionals. 

At Exactify.IT, we are uniquely well-acquainted with the technology needs of legal professionals. Exactify.IT was founded by an attorney with over ten years of experience practicing law in the technology sector. Our services are designed with the specific needs of attorneys, paralegals, contracts managers, and other legal professionals in mind. Because of our experience and expertise, we understand the needs of legal services organizations. We know that our customers’ clients entrust them with information of the highest sensitivity. We know that our customers must navigate legal, ethical, and client requirements that other types of organizations don’t face. We are familiar with the workflows, pain points, and day-to-day intricacies of legal practice in a way that other IT service firms are not. Most importantly, we know that our customers’ time is valuable, and that any time they waste on IT would be better spent on serving their clients and growing their practices.

We also know that attorneys don’t want technology they have to think about. They want technology that just works. We focus 100% of our attention on what we do best—serving the technology needs of legal professionals—so that our customers can focus 100% of their attention on what they do best—practicing law.

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